Yardwork – Part Three

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I was woken up this morning by the guy from The Houston Garden Center who was delivering the five pallets of grass we ordered yesterday. I’m honestly shocked that they were able to do such a quick turn around. It took him about 5 minutes to unload, which gave me false hope of how long it would actually take us to install it in our backyard.


Since Maddy was already awake, we brought her outside to start the install. After a few trips back and forth toting 3-4 pieces, J.D. came up with this little contraption since he refused to go out and get a wheelbarrow that we’d probably only use once…

A broken lawnmower we’ve been storing, a plastic bin, two bungee cords and then some extra bungee cords Bean added on and we were left with this dumb beauty.

J.D. got almost half way done laying out the grass when our super sweet neighbor got home from work, saw our dumb contraption and  brought over a wheelbarrow. We are the incompetent Dale Gribble and Bill Dautrieve of our street.

Bean wasn’t too happy that we started using the proper wheelbarrow because he couldn’t figure out a way to ride on it…

Well, I better get back out there and quit pretending I’m still trying to put Belle down for a nap… It’s been about an hour and I think the jig is up.


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