Bean, The Carnation Killer

When I told J.D. that I wanted to sleep in for Mother’s Day, I forgot that the day lands on a Sunday which means church in the morning and no sleeping in.

Today the choir did an especially joyous set and at one point during the Gloria, I paused and had to ask myself, “Are you singing way too loud? Are you getting too into the music today?” I looked around and since J.D. wasn’t staring at me like a weirdo, I figured I was good.

After mass, we got in the car and it wouldn’t start. We had a bit of an issue yesterday with it not starting immediately but since it eventually resolved itself and we had just gotten a tune up, I thought the car was ok.

Well, the car wouldn’t turn at all. So, I called my mom to see if they could come out to jump our car and she happened to mention that since we had just gotten it worked on, that we should make sure the connections were tightly secured — and of course that was it. J.D. tightened it and the car popped back to life. My mom made sure to say, “I’m so glad that I was right and that I saved the day!”

We decided to go to Walmart to pick up some jumper cables and a toolbox for the car to make sure that we wouldn’t be stranded again in that situation and while we were there, we picked up some groceries and J.D. had to scour the Mother’s Day card section to try and find a last minute card for me. I ended up picking my card this year. The one he wanted to get had Matryoshka nesting dolls on it but I really wanted a kitten one this year. J.D. felt so bad that I had to pick my own card this year but I honestly didn’t mind. We’ve been so busy and the adjustment from one baby to two this year is an adjustment and we don’t really do a big “thing” for Mother’s Day in our house.

When we got home, I called my mom to make plans with her but since my sister has huge finals in the next few days and my mom doesn’t really celebrate Mother’s Day either, she insisted that we go meet the in-laws for lunch even though we spent Saturday with them at the Mayhaw Festival.

So, we had some lunch and Belle was super cranky because we were so squished at the table because the restaurant was so busy. She also had some vomiting issues because I let her chew on some bread before our food came and then J.D. let her taste sour cream. Luckily Aunt Larnie took Belle outside while I scarfed down my meal and then we hung out until everyone was done.

When the rest of the family was done with the meal, Bean ran out with a red carnation and screamed, “Surprise! Mommy, I got flower for you!”

He then promptly broke off the stem by accident and started sobbing. This kid is so sweet. Luckily, Larnie said she would go back in and ask for another one and he decided to march back in with her and he told the host, “I need flower. I broke Mommy’s.” He came back out and proudly showed the new flower which he again broke.

My son is the Incredilble Hulk of carnations and of course he demanded that his Grammy hand over her flower and of course she complied.

We drove home and J.D. let me have a quick nap before my parents dropped in with dinner. They brought Bean’s favorite dish and spent some time cooing over Belle and working on a puzzle with Bean.

After they left, we got the babies in the bath and got everyone in bed at a decent hour. All in all, it was a pretty good day.

Featured Image: Photo credit to House Beautiful


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