Making Pom-Poms

I’ve been wanting to try my hand at making pom-poms for a while now but I always forget to check out the yarn section of Hobby Lobby so it always gets relegated to the list of upcoming craft projects.

Last week J.D. was freelancing at an Astros game so I decided to clean up my craft room a bit after dinner and found two skeins of yarn that was supposed to be turned into a scarf years ago… So, I looked up methods of creating pom poms and tried a couple.

I tried wrapping yarn around a fork and but none of my forks were long enough to make a super big and puffy pom-pom. All my pom-poms came out very small.

I tried wrapping yarn around a piece of cardboard but the cardboard didn’t hold up well and had to be replaced after a couple pom-poms.

Then I remembered that I had a knitting loom with removable pegs that was tucked away somewhere that would be perfect for pom-pom making.

For this project, I used:

I took most of the pegs out of the knitting loom and just left two to wrap yarn around.

I experimented a bit with how many times to wrap the yarn and to make super dense pom-poms and 75 times was the minimum but 100 times looked even better. Once you got to about 80 times, it starts getting tricky to get all the yarn to stay raveled on the two pegs so I inserted a plastic yarn needle into the center to help hold all the yarn.

Once I was done wrapping yarn around the pegs, I threaded a piece of yarn in between the two pegs and tied it in a knot and then wrapped the yarn around the other side and knotted it.

I carefully took the two pegs off the loom with the yarn still wrapped around it and used a pair of scissors to carefully push each peg out. Once all the yarn was on the blade of the scissors, I snipped the yarn. I repeated this step on the other peg.

Once everything was snipped, my pom-pom looked super uneven so I had to trim it into a neat little ball.

Now, ignoring the awful yarn color, it was a decent pom-pom. But, there was a lot of waste, especially if I wanted to make pom-poms in a smaller size.

Honestly, there was a lot of waste for all three methods I tried.

I have to find a more yarn-saving method of making pom-poms if I want to make more for buntings. I’d just feel too bad wasting so much yarn on such a small project.

Disclaimer: I included Amazon affiliate links for the tools I used for this project. I have no idea if they have the best prices since I bought the loom years ago. If you have a large serving fork, the fork pom-poms might work out a bit better.


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