Papal Audience Tickets

I have been really lazy lately and last weekend J.D. mentioned that we would be going on our Rome trip soon and it totally caught me off guard. I told myself I wold get started on planning after Bean’s birthday party and after I got through filing our taxes but after all that I got distracted with the backyard lawn and stuff. Bargh!

Anyway, I told J.D. I would hurry up and put in a request for Papal Audience Tickets. They say you can pick up tickets the day before but I really don’t want to leave it until the last minute and then have no options if the run out or we aren’t able to make it out to grab tickets.

While we are in Rome this summer, there will be four opportunities for us to celebrate the Lord with Pope Francis.

Is it wrong that I really want this to be the only thing we do in Rome? Is it wrong that I’m so worried about being able to attend that I sort of want to pray about it? It feels super wrong to pray about something so petty so I will just offer up a prayer of thanks — a thank you for being so blessed that *this* is what I am worried about.

Also, can we be glad that we are scheduled to go in June instead of July, when all General Audiences are cancelled?

While I’m preparing paperwork to fax to the Vatican, I’m going to hurry up and send a request for a Papal Blessing Parchment for Belle’s Baptism.

Featured Image: Photo credit to Bionic Nerd. We have to read through her Rome blog posts before finalize our plans. 


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