Lego Duplo Creative Ice Cream

It’s feeling a lot like summer in Texas, y’all!

I bought Bean this Lego Duplo Creative Ice Cream set for his birthday and decided to put it away with a couple other toys so I could slowly introduce them one at a time, to try and avoid an inundation of toys and to make sure he had fun things I could take out on slow days…

Well, I forgot about this set but Bean found it one day last week while he was being curious and asked if he could play with it. I decided to use it as a bit of a bribe and after several good days, I let him open it. Ahh! Look how cute it is!

It’s perfect for the hot weather here!! I mean it doesn’t relieve the heat at all but it’s super adorable.

There are six “scoops” of ice cream in super cute flavors — vanilla, raspberry, pistachio, orange, bubblegum and strawberry. It also comes with three cake cones, a dollop of whipped cream, a scoop of blueberry topping, a popsicle stick brick and a couple of classic Duplo bricks that can be combine to make a yummy popsicle.

J.D. is sort of a specialty brick detractor because he thinks they’re not conducive to big builds but this set is so cute and Bean is so sweet and happy when he makes us dessert that J.D. can’t really complain.


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