Lego Duplo Creative Picnic

After Bean’s Creative Ice Cream set was such a hit, I went searching for the Creative Picnic set I saw last summer that had sandwich and burger bricks.

Since it’s a retired product, it was unavailable on the Lego website. But I found it on sale from a third-party seller on Amazon and it was only $15, at the time.

I’m happy I had some self-restraint last summer and waited to purchase it since I saved $10, but I would’ve been super sad if I wasn’t able to find this set. It’s super cute and most of the 52 pieces are specialty bricks — hamburger buns, ketchup dollops, a bunch of grapes. It’s also nice that a lot of the standard square and rectangle bricks are printed.

When this set was delivered last month, I had to stealthily hide it in the storage closet with all the other toys that were waiting to be used as a bribe or a reward or something. Please tell me I’m not the only mom who has a stash of toys…

Anyway, I decided to get it out one afternoon when Bean was not being nice and wasn’t letting Belle touch or look at his Legos. I asked him a couple of times to please let Belle play with a few of the bricks and he refused.

The first time he snatched from Belle, he made her cry but the instant he realized he made her sad, he tried to comfort her. I’m not sure if he just didn’t want her to cry or if he was comforting her to try and avoid getting in trouble. Look at him trying to talk her out of crying…

After he got away with snatching the first time, he started acting uncharacteristically mean.

So, I pulled out the new set and told Belle, “These are your new Legos. Bean cannot touch them or play with them unless he asks you nicely and you choose to be nice and share with him.”

Obviously Bean got upset but instead of being nice and deciding to share, he threw a tantrum. Ughhhh…

Bean’s entire Lego collection got cleaned up and put on a high shelf in my closet. He scream-cried for three, super long minutes and then grudgingly asked Belle if he could play with her new Legos. Of course, Belle let him play and after a few minutes of them playing together, Bean quietly apologized to Belle and thanked her for sharing. He then quickly looked at me and asked for his Legos back, to which I answered… No.

Bean’s Lego collection stayed put away for several days. The babies had to share the picnic set and Bean had to ask Belle each time he wanted to play and I made sure he knew how nice she was being even though he was not as generous towards her in the previous days.  

Surprisingly, once Bean realized it was another day of his Legos being in closet jail he chilled out and they were both happy and entertained with the one Lego set that they had averrable to them.

After a few days, while they were sleeping, I snuck Bean’s giant bin on Legos down from my closet shelf and when he woke up the next day, he quietly integrated them back into the playtime rotation and when he knew they were there to stay, he made sure to quietly apologize to me about being mean to “his baby.”

I’m not quite sure what I’m doing in terms of helping Bean be a kind and generous human but Bean is back to his normal self and we haven’t had an issue with sharing again. Oh man, parenting is hard. 



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