Clash of the LEGOS

It’s a fact in my life that every trip to the mall now ends with a trip to the LEGO store and more often than not, a new addition to our LEGO collection. I’m not mad about the changes in my life.

Last time, we went to the store intentionally because Bean had been super good and deserved a treat but I couldn’t find any LEGO Duplo sets that he would be interested in that he didn’t already have and was in the price range we were wanting to spend.

Obviously, I expanded the search into the sets for bigger kids and we landed on the Clash of Heroes set from the DC Comics Super Heros collection.

I figured it might work since Bean’s favorite part of the LEGO Store is now the “Build Your Own Minifigure” tower and he doesn’t have trouble taking them apart and putting them back together. I asked J.D. and he didn’t see an issue with the age range of the set, especially since he was blinded by his love of Batman v Superman, so we went ahead and got it.

Boy was I wrong…

Bean definitely couldn’t put the set together and even though he enjoyed making Superman and Batman fight each other, he got super frustrated that he kept knocking parts off the platform and being unable to put them back by himself. For a few days, I took all the extra embellishments off the platform so Bean didn’t have to worry about knocking things off but it was just so sad watching him play with such a dulled down set.

I went searching for a Duplo equivalent and I found the Batman Adventure set.

I’m sad that this wasn’t available in the store to start with but I was able to find it on sale online so it worked out well.

Even though it was more expensive than our original price range, I can obviously justify it because: [1] I used Lego VIP points to buy the first set, [2] the new set includes not only Batman and Superman but also a bonus Wonder Woman, [3] I could trade out the sets without making Bean feel like I was taking something away from him, [4] the first set can be stored away until Bean is ready for it, and [5] both Bean and Belle can play with the Duplo set because there’s no danger of her swallowing or choking on the larger bricks.

But, lesson learned…

For now, the babies can only handle LEGO Duplo. But I am going to sneak Bean some minifigures because he likes them so much. You can’t stop me!


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