Neko Atsume Cross Stitch Patterns 

I have so much stuff to do, and every time I’m *almost* done with something, I get distracted by something else and my to do list gets a little bit longer.

J.D. is out of town this week for business and instead of working on my to do list, I got distracted by these free Neko Atsume cross stitch patterns that Serena from Oh, Plesiosaur created. She has an entire catalog of free cross stitch patterns for all the kitties and I am officially obsessed.

What’s the best thing about her patterns? She offers a brief tutorial on cross stitching basics and since I am completely self-taught, it was great information on popular Aida cloth sizes and proper needle sizes that go with each.

I took advantage of Bean and Belle’s nap time yesterday to try out a pattern and I love how it’s coming along. These little cuties will only take a little bit of time to complete and because of the simple outline, you don’t have to constantly count stitches.

After I finish the little set of singles I’m making my sister, I’m going to start planning out a larger piece for myself.

Now to check in on my poor, neglected Neko Atsume kitties


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