Pokémon GO

As a kid, I never got into Pokémon because I was probably a little too old for it when it came out, but I do remember one of my friends in sixth grade being so into the show and games that he insisted on being called Pikachu.

Anyway, I had to try the new Pokémon GO app after J.D. came home and told me his barber made him help catch Pokémon while he was getting his hair cut.

Image Source: Pokémon GO game play

I downloaded Pokémon GO early last weekend and spent a lot of time trying to sign up for an account since the servers were all too busy. Once I got set up, I spent all day on Sunday trying to catch the little beasts.


Image Source: Pokémon GO game play

From what I’ve gathered, I’m supposed to be walking around everywhere with my phone glued to my face to try and catch the rare ones… I’m not going to do that. I’ve only been playing while J.D. drives us around on errands and stuff. Haha. Lazy loophole!! That egg is never going to hatch…

Since J.D. is out of town this week, I’ve only been catching the ones that sometimes show up in our backyard or the ones that pop up on our walks to the community mailbox. So far, I’ve found 12 unique Pokémon, but I have 32 individual Pokémon…


Image Source: Pokémon GO game play

What does that all mean? I have no idea, but catching the little guys is quite addictive, and I know I’m not alone because I’ve seen groups of people gathered in public places that are typically empty. Our local post office parking lot had a weird amount of cars parked in it on a Sunday afternoon because it’s a Pokéstop.

The best part of this phenomenon are the headlines that are popping up in my newsfeed…


Image Source: A collection of headlines from my Facebook newsfeed

What is happening in the world?!

Featured Image: Image credit to Picky Nerd


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