Framing a Cross Stitch In A Hoop

I spent the morning  yesterday staining embroidery hoops so I could finish my Neko Atsume cross stitch piece today.

For this project, I used:

After I finished my little Neko Atsume kitty, Misty, I took her out of the embroidery hoop and gave it a quick iron. I didn’t really focus on getting it perfectly smooth. I took the interior hoop and traced the outside curve on a piece of felt with a Sharipe and then cut it out.

Then, I took my completed cross stitch, centered it in my hoop and tightened the screw while tugging at the Aida cloth to make sure everything stayed taut.

On the back of the piece, I measured 1″ from the inside of the hoop…

… and trimmed the excess fabric.

Once everything was trimmed up, I took a long length of 6-strand embroidery floss and threaded it, leaving a long tail while knotting my floss. I then sewed a running stitch ½” from the edge of the fabric.

Once I sewed all the way around the circle, I carefully pulled the embroidery floss which pulled in the raw edges of the piece. I secured both ends of the floss with a square knot and snipped off the excess.

I took the felt circle I made earlier and stitched it to the back of my hoop using a blanket stitch.

And voilà! Everything is all nice and finished! Ahhhh!! It’s so cute and perfect. This is a million times better than framing a finished cross stitch in a boring picture frame!!

Now that I know how easy it is to finish a cross stitch, I’m going to start cross stitching a lot more. Our house is going to start looking like a weird little old lady lives here. Bwahahaha!!

Look! Look how cute it is!!!

Disclaimer: I had all the items I needed for this project at the house and I didn’t have to go shopping but I included some affiliate links to the items I used. Poor J.D. basically lives in a craft store. Lol.


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