Out, Damned Spot

Spotty glass shower doors are one of those things that’s always on my “need to clean” list that never gets done because, well… I usually don’t care enough.

But, I found a solution!! Some of my mom friends were talking about this little trick and sure enough, it works!

Just treat your glass doors like glass dishes and use a little dish soap and rinse aid. I got a sponge dish wand with a soap chamber and filled it ¾ full of blue Dawn and then topped it off with Jet-Dry Finish Rinse Aid.

I quickly wet the shower doors, scrubbed the glass with the dish wand and then rinsed it off.

After drying the glass, it was spotless.

To make sure it stayed that way for as long as possible, I sprayed the glass with some Invisble Glass spray that I got in the auto section of Target and wiped it down with a microfiber towel.

It took about 10 minutes to do the entire job and it’s been about a month since I cleaned the shower glass and it still dries crystal clear without having to mess with it. Yay!


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