Mason Jar Air Freshener

Well, it happened. Bean had his first “wreck the car seat and surrounding area” pee accident yesterday.

The first time he had an accident in the car, we were lucky and the piddle pad I put in his car seat caught it all. We just had to stop and remove the piddle pad and buy him new shorts.

This time, he woke up from a nap, started peeing and while he was going, he asked, “Can I pee in my diaper?”

He. Was. Not. Wearing. A. Diaper.

I could hear the pee dripping through the piddle pad, through the car seat cushion, and puddling up somewhere in the seat.


We carefully got the car seat out and most of it was contained in the base but some did drip onto the actual car.

The good news? Like a good, OCD mom, I had seat protectors that caught all of it.

Once we got home, I had to hose everything down, dismantle the seat and do a full cleaning.

The bad news? Like a true idiot, I forgot to bring in Bean’s dirty shorts and pee-soaked piddle pad.

So, now the car smells faintly like urine, which means I finally have a good reason to make a mason jar air freshener.

I bought some cute, flat mason jars a couple weeks ago because I wanted to try doing some DIY air freshener jars that I saw on Pinterest. Instead of poking holes in a piece of paper or using burlap to allow for fragrance release, I wanted to drill holes in the metal lid.

For this project, I used:

I dragged my feet on this project because I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to drill clean holes in the lid. I wanted the holes to be cleaner than the ones in the pickle jars lids that my dad used to punch for our bug catching jars. So, I bought a set of needle files to clean up any messy drill holes and then I procrastinated for a while because I didn’t want to mess anything up.

First, I used a round needle file to make pilot holes in the metal lid so my drill bit wouldn’t run all over the place.

Then, I started drilling holes into the metal lid. Surprisingly, the drill made nice, neat little holes without much effort. I didn’t even have to use the needle files to clean anything up. Just be sure to keep a steady hold of the drill at all times.

Look at the cute little metal circles the drill cut out!

Then, I filled the jar with some Pink Zebra Sprinkles.

We got this jar of soy scent sprinkles a while ago from our cute little cousin who mixes up scents for her mom. We haven’t used it much because for a while, I couldn’t find a wax warmer that suited my style, and then when I finally found one, I hated having to remember to turn it on on off everyday. My paranoid brain was worried that the cat would knock it down and hurt herself or the warmer would short or and cause a fire or something.

This mason jar air freshener is going to work out perfectly because it will self-warm in the car!

Now, I’m off to air out the car…

Ah, the joys of parenthood.

Disclaimer: I included affiliate links to the items that I used for this project. All of the prices on for the project items are about 2x more expensive than I paid at Walmart, so please shop around! But, I did but the piddle pad and seat protector from Amazon a while ago because they did have the best price. 


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