Houston Astros’ Pokémon GO Night 

Last night, J.D. took us to the Astros’ Pokémon GO night. I saw a couple of my friends posting about the event and when J.D. saw the promotion while covering the game earlier this week, he decided we had to go.

Since he’s been covering the Astros v. Blue Jays series the last few nights, he’s been taking a slight detour home so he could drop by Discovery Green to stock up on Pokéballs for me.

Image Source: The Bean & The Belle Facebook

And over two nights, he scored over 250 Pokéballs for me.

Image Source: Pokémon GO game play

When we got to the game, we realized we needed special tickets to get a shirt and do the pre-game parade, which was a bit disappointing for J.D. because he thought he’d have a chance to show Bean a closeup of the field.

But, no biggie, we had a blast anyway.

Since it was Belle’s first baseball game, we visited Fan Accommodations in section 112 and got a “Baby’s First Astros Game” certificate, took pictures with Mickey Mouse and made a pit stop at the Team Store to get the kids geared up for the game. Once we were all settled with our mountain of $1 hot dogs and drinks, I was free to catch Pokémon and gather supplies from the comfort of my seat. Luckily his mom and sister were able to join us to help entertain Bean and take pictures of Belle.

During the game, they constantly set off Lure Modules and I was able to catch three guys that I didn’t have before.

Image Source: Pokémon GO game play

We did have a minor incident when Bean got his finger caught in the chair and he held up his middle for about 10 minutes but, all in all, it was a good night. Bean tried catching balls that were nowhere near him, Belle took a long, sweaty nap on my chest, I got to catch Pokémon, and J.D. got to watch an Astros game for fun.

Featured Image: Image credit to Picky Nerd


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