Pop Culture Trivia Brain Farts

Last night J.D. and I were so tired that neither of us could choose something to watch TV and we ultimately ended up watching Drive Me Crazy.

J.D. spotted this girl and all of a sudden, his brain started spinning and trying to think of a girl who [1] looks kind of like Ali Larter, [2] isn’t really that famous, and [3] some one with an unusual name that I know.

Thanks J.D., great hints…

Image Source: Drive Me Crazy, 1999

We finally remembered who it was and I was super annoyed that J.D. couldn’t think of more hints because he could have thrown in Freaks & Geeks and Cougar Town, especially since we had just randomly watched an episode of Cougar Town that was sort of awful because of her.

Do y’all know who it was?

Busy Philipps.

Image Source: TVGuide.com

That girl looks nothing like Ali Larter.

Well, maybe they sort of do…

Image Souece: EOnline.com; IMDB.com; FanForum.com

A teeny tiny bit.

We were so lucky to think of her before we went to sleep because it would’ve ended up being like the King of the Hill brain fart that started a few months ago when we caught this little anomaly.

Image Source: King of the Hill, Season 9 Episode 5: Dale to the Chief

I told J.D. that the signature on Hank Hill’s drivers license didn’t look right to me and he insisted that he had never seen a signature different than that one. For weeks I googled and watched all the episodes I had saved on our DVR and I could find the proof, so I let it go…
Well, I finally found the shot I’ve been looking for all these months.

Image Source: King of the Hill, Season 9 Episode 8: Mutual of Omabwah

That’s the signature I remembered.

Thank God, I found it.

How could they not keep his signature the same within one season of the show? Also, can we note the goof on his checks? The zip code is 71304, which doesn’t exist in the states. It was 7-3-1-0-4 on his license.

I, indeed, have too much time on my hands.

Features Image: Image credit to 20th Century Fox Television and Deedle-Dee Productions.


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