Pokémon GO Updates 

J.D. was playing Pokémon GO for me earlier this week since he was in Minnesota for work and he didn’t have to juggle the kids. I usually don’t play when I’m at home because [1] we live in the suburbs, where Pokémon are few and far between, and [2] I don’t feel like I can focus on the kids when I’m playing. 

Well, I opened my app today for the first time in a while and a couple of new things showed up.

First, this screen popped up and made me laugh because I stubbornly refuse to walk around and play this game. It’s just too hot to be outside for the purpose of catching Pokémon. 

I’m glad they added a “passenger” option but I feel like there were a lot less Pokémon than usual while J.D. was driving us around on errands. Maybe there’s some sort of block of some sort when you’re moving too fast now…

But, the game developers reinstated the “battery saver” option, which I’m super happy about. For about two weeks, this option was missing and it killed my battery every time I played. 

The best thing I found was not a developer addition but a J.D. addition.

He caught me two new Pokémon — Drowzee and Haunter! Apparently Minneapolis is full of these guys because J.D. caught several of them. 

I now have a couple more guys to add to my cross stitch project! 

I’m not close to done but I was at a bit of a standstill because I was having a hard time properly spacing each monster and making sure that there wasn’t too much of one color in one are. 

Edited: Did y’all see this?! Discovery Green in Houston is trying to get Niantic to “remove all stops, lures and creatures from the park.” 

No. No. No. 

Featured Image: Image credit to Picky Nerd


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