2016 Olympics Brought To You By Potato Chips

This will probably be my only post about the 2016 Summer Olympics, and of course, it’s going to be food centric.

I love chips. I usually just go for the original flavor ruffle-y chips or some tortilla chips with super spicy salsa.

For a while, J.D. refused to let me get any because I would eat an entire party-sized bag and then be too full to eat dinner with him. It’s an issue some women from my family suffer from — limitless consumption of snacks and desserts. My mom has it with Häagen Dazs coffee ice cream.

Every time Lay’s comes out with a new weird flavor, J.D. is all over it and the chip ban is lifted.

In honor of the 2016 Olympics in Rio, Lay’s has come up with four new flavors — Indian Tikka Masala, Greek Tzatziki, Brazilian Picanha and Chinese Szechuan Chicken.

The Taste Test

We tried each flavor this morning and we definitely have some feelings about these chips…

Image Source: Lays.com

I can’t speak to the authenticity of this flavor since I’ve only had Indian food a handful of times and most of my curry experiences are tied to the green chicken curry from Rosa’s Thai Kitchen in London and the brown chicken curry from Star Snow Ice in Houston — and they’re Thai and Taiwanese, respectively.

However, J.D. and I both thought this flavor was pretty damned good. It tasted like the brown curry I’ve had before and but they were a little heavy handed on the salt. I don’t really like kettle cooked chips, so that dinged my enjoyment a bit but I actually think this form of chip was probably necessary to carry this flavor.

A solid second place contender for both of us.

Image Source: Lays.com

I feel like I can most accurately assess this chip flavor since it’s trying to pull from my background. The first bite of this chip is not spicy at all. It doesn’t taste like chicken or peppers. It just tastes like a bad combination of flavored salt. The back-end flavor is somewhat spicy, but it cannot be considered by any stretch of the imagination to be málà.

When their official description of the flavor states that it’s trying to copy a “delicious takeout favorite,” it seems like they’re not going to try put in the effort to create an authentic Chinese flavor.

Image Source: Lays.com

Out of all of the chip flavors, this one is my favorite. I can’t say it tastes anything like chumichurri but it does have a nice, light herbal taste and they had to use added some smoked meat flavoring because that definitely came through but it wasn’t overpowering for me.

But, J.D. said that the whole thing tasted like beef fat, which apparently to him, is a bad thing. He also mentioned that a bunch of our Brazilian friends told him that they’ve never encountered chumichurri in Brazil, so the flavor is probably not authentic.

Image Source: Lays.com

I had a little issue with the execution of this flavor. It did have a slight reference to Tzatziki sauce but it was bland. It’s like they used generic yogurt and waterlogged cucumbers to make this flavor. I really expected to like this chip the best since it’s my favorite chip cut, but it just slightly missed the mark.

The Final Scores

My first place chip had to be Brazil’s Pichana. Even though it wasn’t authentically Brazillian, it was the best. The chumichurri flavors were decent and the salt wasn’t overwhelming. 

J.D. Said his hands down favorite was the Chinese Szechuan Chicken. What the… 

Bean said he liked “the blue one best” because “it’s the best and the green one is the best too.” So, obviously those two are clear winners. 

And Belle enjoyed the Greek, kicked her legs for joy at the Brazilian, teared up at the spicy Chinese and had a tough time with the Indian but powered her way through.

Since we couldn’t agree on a definite winner, I obviously had to made a chart. 

After having everyone taste each flavor one last time, Brazil is the winner. And the clear loser is probably me because I definitely went way overboard with the chips today.

As I’m rereading this post, I realize how fat I am. So, while I chow down on the obvious gold medal chip, here are some 2016 Olympic stories that I love.


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