School Supply Season

There is no better feeling in the world than back-to-school season, when you don’t have to go back to school.

I really love teaching but the slow build up to a classroom full of learners is so daunting and stressful for me because I think I have mild social anxiety. I would have scattered nightmares weeks before the first day back about not having my lessons prepared or that all my kids failed an exam that all the other teachers’ kids passed. I think all the professional development would stress me out so bad because I knew I had a lot of stuff to do in my classroom to get ready to teach. But, once the kids showed up and I got into the groove, it was amazing.

Even though I haven’t gone back to teaching in a couple years, I still get excited about back-to-school stuff. Everything about it makes me happy — the books, the school supplies, the back to school commercials, everything. 

I’ve been sporadically working with Bean at home on some more formal learning for the past year, and I figured it would be a good time to really start getting him ready for pre-kindergarten and therefore, I had to go school shopping.

It sort of started as a trickle…

Every time I’d go to Target, I’d check out the workbooks and flashcards in the Dollar Spot. Then, they started rolling out the colored chalk and old school writing slates. And after a couple more visits, J.D. started looking at me funny.

So, I had to cool it.

But not before I snuck in a couple kawaii office supply items for me…

Can we just gush about how cute those washi tapes from Mopapo are?! Neko Atsume kitties! Sushi with kawaii faces!! A collection of SCHOOL SUPPLIES!!!! Ahhhh!!!! I can’t explain how loud I’m squealing in my head right now, just looking at them!

I went on a washi frenzy and now I’ve got to figure out how to store all of it. I had to ban myself from any further Etsy shopping because Jennifer from Mopapo is constantly adding adorable stuff. I can’t help it, I’m a huge school supply nerd. I might have another order all ready in my cart but I’m trying to resist.

So now, Bean is all set for Mommy School 2016-2017 and I just have to organize it all, which means a trip to IKEA!

** This is my way of telling J.D. that I want to go to IKEA go buy more furniture… I hope he reads this post soon. 

Featured Image: Image credit to Wood Mouse & Bobbit. Check out Wood Mouse & Bobbit on Spoonflower to see some adorable prints and kitty pencil case panels! The Marlon pencil case looks just like our Sugar Lump! 



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