LEGO Fun in the Park

I got the LEGO Fun in the Park set a couple of days after it was released but I got so busy that I didn’t get to build it right away. I got it because it features the first “official” LEGO baby and of course, I had to have him.

Image Source: LEGO Facebook page

The first LEGO baby that I ever saw was the one that came with the Native American woman in Series 15, but I was never able to get her for our collection. That baby is super cute but I don’t think they consider it the first official baby because it’s just a single piece and just has a little head sticking out of a papoose.

Image Source:

There are other babies that appeared in different sets, like Maggie Simpson and the baby thay comes with the babysitter in Series 16, but I guess this new one is the “official first baby” because it comes in a set and not a blind bag.

Anyway, I finally got around to building this set today and I am so pleased with everything in the set. It is a simple build but the whole set is meant to be played with and offers a lot of possibilities for imaginative play. 

The variety of the minifigures you get in this set is pretty representative of people you see on a day-to-day basis and represents a wide range of ages, abilities and occupations. 

My only complaint is that there could be a little more variety in hair pieces. The variety in the color of the hair pieces was fine but I feel like the hairstyles were all modeled after characters from Home Improvement.

Image Source: Touchstone Pictures

I can’t wait to show Bean this new set and see how all these new minifigures settle into his collection. 


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