Propane, Propane Accessories & More

We finally broke down and got a grill, but it’s a combination propane and charcoal grill with a smoker. 

Hank Hill would have mixed feelings about this one… But I think his main feeling would be anger. 

J.D. was on a business trip last month and had dinner at a colleagues house and he came home convinced that he was ready to get a grill. He settled on the combo because he wanted the ease of the propane set up but he also likes the taste of chargrilled burgers. 

“That boy ain’t right…”

The reviews of the grill were mixed and one person said it took him 18 hours to assemble it. So, I prepared myself for the worst. 

There were issues with misaligned holes, incorrect welding, and a damaged smoker box, and it’s definitely no Vogner Char King Imperiale, but after a quick trip back to the store, they switched the parts out for us and I was back on track. 

Image Source: King of the Hill, Season 13 Episode 20: To Sirloin With Love

It only took me about five hours after everyone went to bed to put together, and that includes a couple of breaks I took during the assembly to feed Belle and get her to go back to sleep.

Now, I have to use Belle’s next nap to read the user manual to make sure that we know how to use it… I don’t want to Buckley it up. 

Features Image: Image credit to 20th Century Fox Television and Deedle-Dee Productions.


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