Microsoft 365 Education

You know how I’ve been using my almost 10-year-old MacBook to do all the design work I need to get done because I haven’t gotten around to buying and installing Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop on my new MacBook Air? 

Well, I completed half that task for free this morning! All I needed to do was sign up for Microsoft 365 Education with my university email.

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The Microsoft 365 Education program is free for teachers and students and comes with 1 TB of cloud storage and the entire Office suite — Word, PowerPoint, Excel. 

Once you sign up for Microsoft 365 Education with a valid school email, you can download and start using the programs immediately. You can use the programs for as long as your email meets the eligibility requirement and they’ll occasionally ask you to verify your email address to make sure you still meet their requirements. 

Image Source: Apple App Store

I also love that you can download the Word, PowerPoint and Excel apps and work on documents on all devices — totally awesome for when I have to multitask and can’t be in front of my laptop. 

I’m so glad found this before I started working on Belle’s birthday invitations and stats board. 

Featured Image: Image credit to Microsoft


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