Duck Duck Moose Apps

Big news for Khan Academy lovers! 

Image Source:

Duck Duck Moose, an education app maker for kids, has joined Khan Academy and are currently offering their entire library of apps for free! 

Image Source: Screenshot of Duck Duck Moose page on my phone

Duck Duck Moose has 22 educational apps that are geared towards kids, aged two and up, which means all of the games are perfect for Bean! 

What’s awesome is that this company sold itself to Khan Academy for only $1, so it could be widely accessible to early learners. How cool is that?! 

The Duck Duck Moose website also offers a whole page of educational printables that go along with their app, Moose Math

As a former high school teacher, who loves Khan Academy because of their awesome content and thorough explanations of difficult material, I am so excited that they partnered with a company who is working to make reading, math and science accessible for young kids, like Bean! 

Featured Image: Image credit to Duck Duck Moose and Khan Academy


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