Digitizing Cross Stitch Patterns

Last week, I was working on my first DIY cross stitch pattern and after getting it plotted on graph paper, I wanted to figure out a way to digitize my pattern so it’d be easier to share.

After a little searching, I found two tools that’ll make DIY cross stich patterns a lot easier!

The first tool is a free website that would’ve been super helpful at the beginning of this process — Pic 2 Pat.

Image Source: Pic2Pat.com

You upload an image, make a couple embroidery floss and sizing choices, and then let the website do the rest.

I didn’t get a chance to use it for my POMEmag cross stitch pattern, but I’m definitely using it for all the other patterns I want to make.

My only issue is that it will take a pretty simple image that only has a couple of colors and adds a million colors because the program thinks you need them to keep the integrity of the uploaded image, even if it doesn’t need it.

Image Source: Sanrio’s Gudetama cross stitch pattern via Pic2Pat

So, I’ll need to take the pattern it generated and just use it as a guideline for my design. But it definitely removes a lot of trial and error. It’s also awesome that it gives you a legend with the embroidery floss that you need for your project.

The other tool is a pixel art app — Dottable.

So, once I get a pattern from Pic2Pat, I can use Dottable to make grid and color adjustments.

Image Source: Dottable app

You still need to plot each color, one square at a time, and it is a bit time consuming, but once you get each color blocked off, it’s not too bad.

I haven’t figured out how to produce the traditional cross stitch patterns with the grid and the color legend but these two tools are definitely sufficient! And it’s awesome that they’re both free!!

Well, I’m off to make cross stitch patterns for everything!

Featured Image: Image credit to Web Power


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