Bean, The Budding Bookworm

Last year for Christmas, Bean’s great-aunt¹ got him a really cool book called Busy Helicopter Book. The book comes with a little pull-back helicopter that’s supposed to drive along the track that’s inside the book. The track wraps around the text and art on each page and sort of “leads” the story.

Bean loves this book because it’s so interactive and all the pages are so intricately illustrated. He likes looking for all the special details.

Last month, my quilting pen pal² added me to an Usborne Book party and as I was so excited because I’m the kid who used to love Scholastic book orders. Do any of y’all remember those?

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I’m lucky because J.D.’s mom teaches elementary school and brings me the Scholastic order form for me to browse. It’s still printed on that thin newsprint and it always brings back memories — one memory being the fact that Scholastic never sent me the Brain Quest Deck that I ordered from them, even though my second grade teacher called them and told them they forgot my order…

Anyway, I looked through the entire Usborne catalog and there were a ton of books I wanted to get for Bean. But, I limited myself to one book because I didn’t want to blow a ton of money on books that weren’t amazing.

When the book finally arrived, I was so pleased that I almost woke Bean up to show him.

I ended up picking the book, 1000 Things to Eat, because I’m a fatty and a sucker for food art. The book is so well illustrated and is extremely thoughtful and includes foods from a lot of different cultures, baking supplies and even spices!

Just looking at the different pictures makes Bean more open to try different foods. I mean he’s not a picky eater but he’s actively seeking new foods to try.

Another awesome thing is that the book is printed on super thick and hearty paper. The pages are somewhere between cardstock and chipboard, and it’s nice and glossy!

I went back to find the other books in the 1000 Things series and then discovered a bunch of other series that look amazing. I really gravitate towards the vocabulary and language building books that they have, but they also have a ton of illustrated  reference books,

1000 Things [$15 hardback]
Under The Sea / To Eat / Animals / That Go

My First Word Books [$10 board book]
Word / About Me / About Food / On The Farm / French Word Book / Spanish Word Book

First 100 Words [$7 paperback; $15 library edition]
Chinese / English / French / German / Spanish 

First 1000 Words [$13 hardback; $21 library edition]
Chinese / English / French / German / Hebrew / Italian / Japanese / Latin / Polish / Russian / Spanish

I really gravitate towards the vocabulary and language building books that they have, but they also have a ton of illustrated reference books, novels for all ages, educational sticker books, touch-and-feel books for babies, math and science activity books… They really just have everything³.

I gotta remember Usborne for Bean when holidays and birthdays come around.

¹The term “great-aunt” seems really wrong here… We gotta think of a better name for all the great-aunts… ²Yes, I have a quilting pen pal because quilting is fun and quilters make the best friends! ³As I was searching through their catalog to find all the links to the books I want to get, I found the Illustrated Shakespeare Collection that we bought Bean when we went to the Globe Theatre. I made J.D. let my buy this huge book and then made him help me lug it home to the states… Nobody tell him that I could’ve just ordered it!


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