Single Mom Life & To Do List

This week, J.D. is traveling for work, which means that I’m doing the single mom thing… 

There are a couple of things I want to get done before J.D. gets home, and so far, things have been productive! 


  • Feed, entertain and keep kids clean, happy and alive
  • Mommy school with Bean 
  • Mailbox nature walks
  • Clean or reorganize one room or area


  • Wash tile surfaces and showers before repairmen arrive 
  • Fix up television stands
  • Frame and hang new prints 
  • Patch drywall dings
  • Touch up paint
  • Stain scratch on front  door
  • Have the repairmen fix the tiles, hardwood, carpet issues 
  • Make buttons for Anastasia
  • Finish POMEmag cross stitches
  • Make Belle’s birthday banner 
  • Work on Belle’s annual birthday stats board

Every time J.D. is out of town, I suddenly have a million things I want to get done. Also, we’ve now been in the house for a year and I’m trying to get all the builder issues taken care of before our one-year warranty expires. 

So, if you don’t hear much for me this week, you know I’m working on my list or completely slacking off and napping with the kids. 

Featured Image: Image credit to LemonadePixel via Shutterstock


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