Bob’s Burgers Party Invitations

I finally got Belle’s party invites in the mail and on their way!

When I started testing out the design for her cheeseburger invites, it seemed simple enough. I knew it would be a bit more work intensive than the other invitations I’ve sent out for the babies’ birthday parties but it didn’t seem that complicated… I didn’t consider that I had to make around 40 invitations.

I decided that our burger invites needed a sesame seed bun, a meat patty, a yellow cheese slice, a lettuce leaf, a tomato slice, onions, and pickles.

What the heck was I thinking?!

I was thinking “aesthetic,” and not workload…

But, after getting everything streamlined and on a little assembly line, it wasn’t too bad!

For this project, I used:

Sesame Seed Bun & Meat Patty 

For the sesame seed bun, I used a CD as a template and cut two circles out of tan cardstock. I drew 10 oval sesame seeds on light beige cardstock and ran the paper through the sticker maker before cutting the sesame seeds out. Then I peeled and stuck them on one of the tan circles.

For the meat patty, I cut a 5″ circle out of dark brown cardstock.

Yellow Cheese Slice & Lettuce Leaf 

The lettuce leaf and the cheese slice are the two informational layers of my invitations. The lettuce leaf had the actual invitation printed on it and the cheese slice had driving directions to our house.

Before doing any cutting, I created the invitation layouts on Microsoft Word. I found a Bob’s Burgers copycat font which really pulled the theme into the project.

Image Source: Bob’s Burgers, 20th Century Fox; Jayde Garrow via

Once I got everything designed and printed out on the colored cardstock, I cut out the pieces. The lettuce leaf is about –” x –” and the cheese slice is about –“x –“. I made sure to cut the lettuce leaves a bit wavy to mimic it’s actual texture.

Tomato Slice

For the tomato slice, I used a lid to a tin I had in my craft room. It’s about –” in diameter. Then, I looked up a picture of an actual tomato and sketched the cross-section into the circle. The tomato took a while to do because I had to use a craft knife to cut out the intricate design, but the outcome was totally worth it.


For the onions, I used the same tin cover that I used with the tomatoes and traced a circle on  purple cardstock. I cut the circle out with a craft knife and then continued to cut out concentric circles that were about 1/4″ thick. I ended up with about 6 different sized onion rings from each circle.


The pickles were a last minute addiction because as I was layering the burgers, it felt like they were missing something.

I used a 1 1/2″ circle paper punch and punched a light green circle out of the leftover lettuce paper. Then, I used a craft knife to cut out three thin rectangles from the center of the circle. I ran the light green circles through the sticker maker and layered it on top of a darker shade of green cardstock. I trimmed each pickle slice so that it had a thin, dark green outline around each one.

There you have it, all the pieces of the burger!

To assemble it, I stacked all the components, except the onions and pickle slices, so they stuck out of the “bun” at different angles, like toppings on a real cheeseburger. Once everything was jutting out like I wanted, I punched a super tiny hole in all the layers with my hand punch.

Then, I added a color coordinating metal brad to hold it all together!

I withheld the onions and the pickle slices because I didn’t want these components to be hidden.

Once everything was bound together, I glued the onions and pickle slices on to the tomato slice, so it would be one moveable unit. That way, you could still see these items when the burger is stacked.

For the envelopes, I used a kraft paper envelope to mimic the take-out bags that Bob uses in the show. I used the Bob’s Burger font to address all the invitations.

I wanted to added a little “rocket-fish” emblem on the sealas a little treat for the true Bob’s Burger fan, but it looked too phallic for a one-year old’s party invitations.

This invitation was definitely a little more work than I planned, but it turned out so well that it was totally worth it.

Now on to all my other party projects!!

Disclaimer: This post includes Amazon affiliate links for items I purchased for this project. I actually bought all the paper and supplies from Michael’s because I had a hard time making decisions for this project with online shopping. Thank goodness Michael’s had a good selection! I previously went to Hobby Lobby but I sort of hate their paper section because I can never find what I need. 


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