Burger Buntings

For Belle’s party, we wanted to make the burger aspect of the party as apparent as possible, since a lot of the guests wouldn’t be super familiar with Bob’s Burgers.

So, when I saw the burger on the Cricut Fast Food cartridge, I knew I had to get it to make her some burger buntings. I honestly don’t use my Cricut a lot, but when I have a project like this, I’m always glad I have it.

For this project, I used:

Since there’s always a couple of months between each time I use my Cricut, I always have a 10 – 15 minute battle with the machine to get it to cut the layers in the correct dimensions.

This time, I totally forgot about true size versus relative size.

With my Cricut Expressions 2 machine, there’s a button on the layout screen that allows you to toggle between true size and relative size. With true size, if you set the cut to 4 inches, you’ll get a piece that is 4 inches. This isn’t a problem if your cut is only one layer. If the piece you’re trying to make has several layers, make sure the machine is set on relative size which sets all the pieces in the correct proportion to all the others in the cartridge. That means you can select the desired final dimensions and then the machine will do all the resizing work for you.

I also had a bit of trouble reading this booklet and figuring out which cut went with which colored cardstock. I don’t have a bunch of cartridges but the others have come win a thick booklet with all the layers laid out for you. This one had a little pamphlet that my mom-brain could process very well.

Fast Food Burger Cut List

All the burger pieces can be accessed with the burger button, which is the fifth button in the top row, and the layer key and shirt key.

Burger Bun :: Tan :: Main Screen
Burger Patty :: Brown :: Layer
Cheese and Sesame Seeds :: Yellow :: Main Screen + Shirt
Lettuce :: Green :: Layer + Shift

Once all the layers were cut outs, I stuck all the pieces together with Glue Dots.

I decided not to use the sesame seeds because I don’t think the yellow of the cheese layer is the right color for sesame seeds and I wasn’t willing to cut out a whole new set of cheese layers to get the right sesame seed color…

To assemble the bunting, I used some red and white bakers twine and the tiny clothes pins that I stained for Bean’s 2nd birthday party. Since the clothes pins are so small, you can’t clip the string and the I used a tapestry needle to thread each tiny clothes pin on to the twine and then clipped each burger and then the bunting was ready to be hung.

Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links for items I used for this project. I bought all the card stock from Michaels when it was on sale. I think the deal was 4 packs of card stock for $10. 


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