Bob’s Burgers Cosplay Inspiration Boards

Last Halloween, Jen and Aaron dressed up as Bob and Tina Belcher for a party and after I saw how cute they looked, I had to put together some costumes for Bean and Belle so they could do an ensemble picture.

Obviously, for Belle’s birthday party we have to dress up again because… Why not?!

I put together some inspiration boards for the main characters and added some links for reference.

Bob Belcher

Image Source:

Apron / Spatula / Clogs

I have to talk J.D. into shaving his beard I into a mustache, but I think he won’t be super hard to convince.

Linda Belcher

Image Source:

Glasses / Apron / Shoes

I’m pretty proud to say that other than the apron, I can work all these pieces into my wardrobe pretty seamlessly.

Tina Belcher

Image Source:

Shirt / Skirt / Tube Socks / Hair Clip / Glasses / Shoes

Since we don’t have an older daughter, I’ve been playing with the idea of making our cat dress up as Tina, but I’m pretty sure she would murder us if we even tried.

Gene Belcher 

Image Source:

Shirt / Shorts / Shoes

There are so many extra accessories that are begging to be added — sasquatch mask, bullhorn, tiny keyboard. The possibility are endless and Bean would be so happy with any and all of them.

Louise Belcher 

Image Source:

Bunny Hat / Shirt / Shoes

Such a simple costume. Last year, I made Belle’s pink bunny hat but since she’s grown out of it, I might buy her an authentic one.

Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links to all the items used for each character’s cosplay.

Featured Image: Image credit to 20th Century Fox, Wilo Productions, Buck & Millie Productions and Bento Box Entertainment. 


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