Burger Cookies & Cupcakes

For Belle’s party, I decided not to do too much in the way of DIY food and just focus on some cheeseburger cookies and cupcakes that I found on Tablespoon.

Image Source: Michelle P. via Tablespoon.com

I made some minor adjustments and did some experimenting with the best icing tips to use and I think they came out pretty well!

I threw together a batch in about 10 minutes, after baking a batch of cupcakes the night before. It was super quick and easy.

Since I had a couple cookies, cupcakes and icing leftover, Bean talked me into making a few more just for him…

Pro-Tip: After baking two batches of brownies to use as the “burger patty” and having them both not turn out well, J.D. suggested buying some double chocolate chip cookies from Krogers. I sort of wish I had thought of that sooner. Also, if you wanna make this a million times simpler, ask your local grocery store bakery if they have any plain cupcakes that they haven’t frosted yet. So much easier than actually baking.

For the burger cupcakes, you need:

Directions: Putting together these little sweet burgers cannot be easier. The prep is 95% of the work.

After baking, or buying, the cupcakes, let them cool and set overnight before trimming them.

The original recipe used cupcakes that turned out right, and therefore they just cut the cupcake right in half to make the “buns.”

Since my cupcakes came out wonky with weird, little tops, I just trimmed the top bump off and used that as the “top bun” and then set the cake leveler at the lowest setting and trimmed the bottom of the cupcake for the “bottom bun.” I ended up with a round middle section that Bean got to snack on while I finished putting the burger cupcakes together.

Once all the “burger buns” were ready, I took the store-bought double chocolate chip cookies and cut them into smaller circles, using the bottom part of the cupcake as a sizing guide.

Then, I dyed all the vanilla icing with red, yellow and green gel food coloring. I transferred the colored frosting into decorating squeeze bottles by scooping all the frosting into gallon Ziploc bags and then snipping a hole in one of the corners and squeezing the frosting into the bottles.

I could’ve saved some work by just attaching decorating tips to the Ziploc bags, but I like the control I get from the squeeze bottles.

The last prep step is completely optional and depends on whether or not you like coconut.

Instead of using green frosting as the “lettuce,” you can dump a bag of coconut flakes into a Ziploc bag, drop a couple dollops of green gel dye into the bag and shake until all the coconut flakes are all green. Voila, realistic shredded “lettuce.”

Now to assemble everything. This is the fun and quick part.

To make sure the cupcake had a good base, I used a #3 round tip to squeeze some uncolored vanilla frosting on the “bottom bun” to hold everything together. I guess it could be considered the “mayo,” even though I didn’t really plan for that…

For the “lettuce” frosting, I used a #67 leaf tip. The “ketchup” is done with a #27 closed star tip, and the “mustard” is also done with a #3 round tip.

If you decide to go with the coconut flakes, do everything the same except put down the “ketchup” and “mustard” first, so that it can help the “lettuce” stick to everything.

Once everything is stacked together, use a #3 round tip to add some frosting “sesame seeds” on the “top bun.”

If you don’t have time for baking or trimming cupcakes and cookies, the burger cookies are infinitely easier to throw together.

For the burger cookies, you need:

  • Vanilla Wafers
  • Thin Mints or Keebler Grasshoppers
  • Coconut Flakes
  • Vanilla Frosting
  • Gel Food Coloring in Red, Green, Yellow
  • Decorating Squeeze Bottles
  • Frosting Tips – Round #1, Round #3, Leaf #67, Closed Star #27

It’s the same process as the cupcakes, except there is no prep work involving baking or cutting or trimming anything.

I used the same decorating tips with the cookies, except that I used a #1 round tip for the “sesame seeds.”

Bean loves them so much and the cookies are so easy to do that I might get a couple of pre-colored tubes of frosting so I can whip these up whenever he deserves a special treat. I actually think Bean might be able to make these himself…

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links to items that I used for this project. The gel food coloring is a bit pricey but a little bit goes a long way, unlike the watery grocery store food coloring. 


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