Making Your Own Custom Fabric Labels

I’ve been working on a lot of cross stitch projects lately and several of them are being gifted, which made me want to attach some sort of label.

I looked on Etsy for some different shops that manufactured woven labels, but each one had a character limit that wouldn’t work for my message.

I saw that some shops were offering printed fabric labels, which made my brain remember that a couple of ladies in my quilting forum had asked about printing photos of fabric, which made me realize that this could totally be a DIY project that would be quick and cost effective.

For this project, I used:

This whole process is extremely basic.

Design your label with some sort of publishing program and print using an inkjet printer.


Since I didn’t need any logos or images on my label, I created a simple Word document and created the design. Once I was happy with what I had, I filled a page with the design and printed.

I made sure to select the best print quality on machine and fed each sheet of fabric into my printer one at a time so it didn’t have a chance to jam in the machine.

I let the printed fabric dry over night and then cut them out for use.

The instructions say that the printed fabric can be washed after a 24-hour curing period. All the projects I’m going to be using these labels on are not wearables and most likely won’t be washed, so no biggie. I might do a couple of test washes to see how the printing does in the washer, but I’m not too concerned.

I was able to fit 28 labels on to one fabric sheet and each label was about 2″ in length. That means that each label cost about $0.11 to make. Not too bad!

Now, they’re obviously not as professional as the woven labels that some Etsy stores offer, but they work for my situation!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links for the printable fabric. Check your local craft store to see if you can find for cheaper. I didn’t want to go searching so I just got mine from Amazon. 


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