Better Wipeable Worksheets

A quick Pinterest search on dry erase or “wipeable” worksheets will turn up a million pages of suggestions that include two things — laminating a bunch of worksheets for beaucoup dollars, or slipping worksheets into sheet protectors. 

I have an at-home laminator from Scotch, and while I like the hefty plastic for reusable worksheets, I really don’t want to pay a ton of money to get a bunch of laminating pouches, especially since I plan on changing the pages a lot, as lessons change and as Bean grows. 

The other option is more cost effective and fluid, but no matter how quality the page protectors are, they don’t really hold up when a toddler is vigorously practicing his letters. The problems that we run into are that the dry erase markers don’t come off the plastic cleanly and the page protectors wrinkle when he tries to get them clean. We usually have to resort to using a moist towel to clean each page, which usually means that the worksheet gets wet and ruined in the process. 

I stumbled on this hack while packing up Belle’s Bob’s Burgers themed birthday party. 

Image Source: Bob’s Burgers, Season 6 Episode15: Extreme Makeover Burger Edition

I planned on making menus for the party and found some menu covers at our local restaurant supply store for a couple bucks. After working on the bigger details of the party, I decide that designing fake menus was too much work for such a small thing that nobody would notice, so the idea for axed. 

Well, as I was putting everything away, I found the menu covers and decided that it wasn’t worth the hassle to take them back for a refund, and then remembered that I’ve been trying to figure out how to make the whole “reusable worksheet” thing work for us, and bang — solution found. 

The Crayola markers that I got work beautifully on these menu covers and the marks wipe off without any trace, and the menu covers are easily changeable so he can have a different set of worksheets every morning. 

Since I happened to grab three menu covers at the store, Bean gets six sheets to work on in the morning while I got breakfast ready. Luckily, the six worksheets gave me just enough time to get everything on the table, and since I don’t have to help him wipe each sheet clean, I got to focus on the task at hand with only one baby to distract me. 


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