Free Cross Stitch Pattern — Kilroy Was Here

Here’s a cross stitch pattern that comes with a history lesson…

The origins of the Kilroy graffiti supposedly begins with a shipyard worker, named Kilroy who used the tag to mark which ships he inspected. As production increased, shipyard workers didn’t have time to paint each ship and cover up the drawing, so the ships were sent out and the Kilroy legend was born.

During WWII, American soldiers started leaving this graffiti everywhere they landed and tried to plant the image in the most obscure locations.

This story piqued my interest because it sounded like something Aaron would really enjoy.

Especially since I saw this post on Instagram:

Image Source: Instagram

I did some research on the validity of the claim but didn’t turn up anything conclusive.

Want to learn more about Kilroy?

Click here for the Wikipedia article.

Click here for the Kilroy article from Reddick Militaria.

Want to stitch your own? Get the PDF!


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