I Finally Tried Spray-On Nail Polish 

Last week during an after dinner stroll through Target, I spotted Spray Perfect in the As Seen On TV aisle. 

I saw this infomercial last Christmas and told J.D. that I couldn’t believe it’s taken someone so long to figure out spray-on nail polish. 

Of course when I saw it at Target for $10, I had to pick one up to try since I truly suck at painting my own nails. Y’all know my struggles with attaining cute nails… 

I mean I know the simple solution is to go to a salon to get them done but at this point in my life as a mom, I feel like all of my free time is best spent without real pants on, which rules that out. 

The instructions are pretty simple. Apply a base coat. Spray on nail polish. Apply a top coat. Wash hands. Done. 

At first, when you spray the polish, the color is pretty rich. But as it dries, the color gets uneven and powdery looking. Once you apply a top coat, the polish magically evens out into a really pretty color. 

After using the spray, here are a couple of things I learned about the product…  

  • Protect your work surface with some newspapers.
  • Hold the spray about 4″ from your nails. 
  • Spray light, thin coats. Let each coat dry before applying more.
  • Rock your fingers from side to side for even and complete coverage. 

Perfect, right? 


This was my second full application of Spray Perfect and both times it wasn’t successful. Because of my first failed attempt, I was super careful the second time — I made sure to let everything dry for twice the recommended time. 

But, as I was washing my hands, the force from the faucet cause the polish to lift on several edges. Pretty frustrating. 

I was really hoping that this spray would work because the application was really perfect and it was super easy and quick! 

I made sure to dry my hands carefully so I could snap a pic of my “perfect” nails, but after the pic, the polish kept lifting more and more. So, I ended up peeling each one off and then cleaning the polish off my cuticles with a quick swipe of acetone. 

I fell like it’s definitely an issue with Spray Perfect because the base coat was still on my nails after the polish peeled off… 

The Spray Perfect website says that it should’ve lasted 5 days and the can should have enough Sprat Perfect for up to 10 applications, but for me, that wasn’t true. My spray can just barely had enough for my right hand on my second attempt. 

Oh, well… 

Maybe if they tweak the formula a bit, it’ll work better. Or maybe my can was an old formula since the branding on my can was a bit different than the can in on their website. 

Who knows… I guess it was too good to be true.  I’ll guess I’ll wait for a bit to see if they come up with a different formula or see if a different company does a similar product that works better. 


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