How To Make Half Square Triangles — Method One

So now that I have an awesome rotary cutter, I finally have the nerve to try and cut more intricate quilt blocks!

First up, half square triangles!

This method easily yields two HST pieces and you don’t have to deal with your fabric stretching and becoming distorted since you’re working with the grain of the fabric.

For this project, I used:

Cut two identical squares from different fabrics.

Stack the squares so that the right sides of the fabric are touching.

Using a pencil, mark the diagonal on the square.

Sew two seams ¼” from each side of the diagonal line.

Cut along the diagonal line.

Press each HST open and trim.

What do I think of this method?

I like that I can chain piece these pretty easily. Just sew all the squares 1/4″ on the left side of the diagonal, snip them all apart, and then sew 1/4″ on the right side of the diagonal. It’s a nice little assembly line situation.

Also, this method is so easy that I can’t really screw these up, and if I do, I’ve only screwed up two HST units and a minimal amount of fabric.

And since I typically cut squares that are 6″ or smaller, this method makes really reasonably sized HST.

What do I not like about this method? I don’t like that I have to physically mark a diagonal line on each square before sewing. I’m impatient, so this step is a little annoying to me.

But all in all, it’s an awesome foray into the HST world.

Disclaimer: I included affiliate links to all the tools I used for this project. They don’t make my sewing machine anymore, but the one I linked is a new and improved version! 


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