How To Make Half Square Triangles — Method Three

So far, I’ve showed you the methods that yielded two and four HST pieces.

Now we’re going for EIGHT!

For this project, I used:

Cut two identical squares from different fabrics.

Stack the squares so that the right sides of the fabric are touching.

Using a pencil, mark the two diagonals on the square.

Sew four seams, ¼” from each side of the two diagonal lines.

Make four total cuts — one horizontally, one vertically and then two along the two diagonal lines.

Press each HST open and trim if needed.

What do I think about this method?

I love that this method yields twice the number of HST pieces as the previous method, but uses the same number of sewed seams.

But with all the methods that yield more HST, you have to start with progressively larger pieces of fabric. I guess if I start working a lot with triangles, I’m going to have to start harvesting larger squares.

Disclaimer: I included affiliate links to all the tools I used for this project. They don’t make my sewing machine anymore, but the one I linked is a new and improved version! 


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