How To Make Half Square Triangles — Method Five 

Last week, I spent the week trying out a couple different ways to make half square triangles.

But, here’s another bonus method of making HST.

This one is different because instead of using squares as a starting point, you use long strips. Ultimately, you can make a ton of HST, as long as you can control the strip as you sew.

For this project, I used:

Cut two identical strips from different fabrics and stack the strips so that the right sides of the fabric are touching.

Sew the long edges together with a ¼” seam.

Using a square acrylic ruler cut triangles along the strip. Make sure you line up the point of the ruler with the inside seam.

Press the HST and trim.


I love this method!! The math is easy to figure out, and the sewing is so minimal! The only potential problem is that, depending on your target final measurements, your strips of fabric may be difficult to control when cutting the initial strips and when sewing the two seams.

Disclaimer: I included affiliate links to all the tools I used for this project. They don’t make my sewing machine anymore, but the one I linked is a new and improved version! 


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