Handwriting Practice for Adults

One thing that I’ve always struggled with is needing my handwriting to be perfect and uniform. As a kid, I couldn’t keep a journal going because I hated how my handwriting would fluctuate. Honestly, it might be a good that a written record of of all the embarrassing things I did, or said or thought…

Recently, I’ve been watching calligraphy videos on Instagram and I am addicted.

Before I convince myself that simply purchasing the right tools will make me a calligraphy wunderkind, I found some practice sheets from Tombow.

Image Source: Tombow.com

So, when Bean is working on his lettering practice, I can be working on mine! I may even use his wipeable worksheet sleeves for my pages!

Maybe if I get half way decent, or if I start practicing regularly and start making progress, I’ll reward myself with some new, pretty pens. 

Featured Image: Photo credit to Bild Creative. Look at that beautiful lettering practice! 


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