Baby Blanket Sale!!!

Do you remember our favorite baby blankets from Roxie’s House of Joy

Well, they just released an amazing coupon for TODAY ONLY! Buy one blanket for 1/2 off *and* get a second for FREE! 

The blankets are usually $24 on Amazon and ship for free if you have Amazon Prime. But, with the coupon? It’s less than $13 for TWO BLANKETS! (I also had a little bit left in an Amazon gift card, so I paid a little less.)

Image Source:

Click here to get your coupon code. 

Even though we already have a bunch for Bean and Belle, I had to grab another Emotional Marshmallow blanket and the new Jellies blanket

Image Source:

I’m addicted. Some people choose narcotics, I choose baby blankets. Don’t judge me. 

They also have their Flower of Life blanket in a ton of colors — red, purple, turquoise, pink and black

Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links to the Baby Everything Blanket but I have nothing to do with the sale or coupon codes. I’m just supper happy I came across this deal! 

Featured Image: Image credit to Roxie’s House of Joy via


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