Trick-or-Treat!!! Halloween 2016

Happy Halloween, y’all!!

I don’t know how it happened, but Halloween really snuck up on me this year. Since the kids were going to use their Bob’s Burgers costumes from Belle’s birthday party, I let all things Halloween just slip to the back of my mind and I totally forgot about taking pumpkin patch photos.

Thankfully, J.D. was able to take us after he was done with work and we were able to snap some pics in a patch, not too far from our house.

After getting the photos done, we headed to Chipotle for Booritos.

Y’all, we had three burrito bowls, large drinks and chips and guac for less than $20. I forgot what a good deal Halloween Chipotle is… We used to dress up for burritos in college but the lines started getting ridiculously long and then we started getting too lazy to dress up. But now that we have kids and we are dressed up already, we just have to remember to go a little earlier so waiting in line doesn’t cut into precious trick-or-treating time.

After an early dinner, we headed back home to leave out some candy for the other neighborhood kids, and then walked up to the community Trick-or-Treat Trail.

They had a couple of “live” dinosaurs at the event and Bean was pretty intimidated by them. He was happy to watch them from a distance. I snapped these pictures of Bean and Belle and the whole set makes me laugh.

I asked Bean if he would let me take his picture and he proceeded to fish around in his pumpkin for some sunglasses he got at a booth, put his pumpkin down to put on the sunglasses and get ready for the photo op — and all the while, Belle is grunting and screaming at this huge dinosaur who is slowly getting closer and closer to her completely unaware brother.

Before we left the Trick-or-Treat Trail, I made sure to stop at the photo station for a quick family picture before heading back to our neighborhood and making a couple stops at the neighbors to top off Bean’s pumpkin.

The kids got home, had a couple pieces of candy, got crazy and then crashed. Definitely a successful Halloween, even though it was super hot. Bean was a trooper and walked the entire time and only complained a little about his bucket being too heavy a couple times. The kid has a tough life…

Featured Image Source: Pixel Soup via Tumblr


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