I Took A Vitamin Today

On Tuesday, J.D. and I went to the doctor for our “annual” checkups. 

I use the term “annual” very loosely, because I’ve never actually had a physical as an adult, and J.D. hasn’t had one since he played sports high school. 

Is it weird that I don’t regularly go to the doctor? Is that something that responsible adults do? I mean, I’ve been to the doctor in recent years, but only for pregnancy-related stuff. I have a general idea of how my health is and the checkup on Tuesday didn’t give me any huge revelations. 

But, I did take a multivitamin today. And I took one yesterday, too.

It’s funny comparing doctors visits with J.D.  because she was “concerned” about completely different stuff and we can decided who did better on their physicals, based on her lectures. 

For example, J.D. got a lecture about drinking caffeine, but she didn’t say a word to me about my caffeine intake, even though my consumption is extreme. Maybe it’s because he had a “real” job and she pictures him drinking coffee at the office or something. 

I got a lecture about not exercising because I was super honest on my intake questionnaire and just wrote “NO” when they asked how much exercise I get each week. 

Honestly, I think I did better on he physical because she told me twice to “make sure [your husband] gets the TDaP vaccine” and was super happy when I reported that I had mine done during both pregnancies. I’m pretty sure that’s a clear win. Haha. 

The only thing that she mentioned to both of us is that we should get together a living will in care of an emergency. 

It’s so strange that I’m at an age where I have to worry about things like that. I mean a few weeks ago, J.D. and I were discussing whether we needed to adjust our life insurance policies. It’s strange getting older and having real responsibilities. 

Since I’m not completely sure what my living will would look like, I guess I’ll just keep taking a multivitamin, make sure I’m up to date on my booster shots and maybe muster up the energy to make a trip to the gym. 

Featured Image: Image credit to Sapunkele via The Hungry JPEG


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