Calls From Santa Claus

When I was little, my dad would insist that he knew Santa personally and that he would call him to update him on our behavior. 

Essentially, my dad was a narc. 

I can still hear him reciting Santa’s phone number, but I’m not going to share it with you because Santa is a busy man who doesn’t need any prank calls¹ this season. Haha. 

But, I found the number for Santa’s Hotline. 

If you call the number, you get a little recorded message from Santa. He talks about how hard the elves are working and a gentle reminder to behave, before letting the kiddos leave him a message to tell him what’s on their wishlist. 

If you want Santa or an Elf to call and leave a message, use Christmas Dialer

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You input your phone number, select who you want to call you, and choose one of four messages you want left for your child.

You can choose from these messages:


Image Source:


Image Source:


Image Source:


Image Source:

I love that you can preview the messages before there kids hear it. 

These are definitely perfect for Santa believers or little ones who are starting to doubt. 

¹I’ve learned my lesson with being careless with celebrities. At age 15, I got Adam Brody’s phone number and may have called it more than once to hear his voicemail. He changed his number pretty quickly…

Featured Image: Image credit to Wallpapers 9


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