Why Are We So Hungry?

J.D. and I are apparently in training for some sort of eating competition… 

Me: You know, that Subway sandwich I ate for dinner tonight made me really want another Subway sandwich for dinner — tonight.
J.D.: I was just thinking that this is the hungriest I’ve ever been going to sleep.
Me: Why are we so hungry?!
J.D.: Beacause we are used to eating a ton. That meal was like a lunch for us.
Me: We are so fat…
J.D.: You know, the closest Subway to our house is open 24 hours.
Me: Go. Go as fast as the wind can take you.
J.D.: I was wondering why a Subway needs to be open 24 hours and what fatty would go there at all hours of the night…
Me: It’s us. We are the fatties.  

Featured Image: Image credit to Raewyn Haughton. Can we just talk about how amazing all her work is?!


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