My Favorite Things of 2016

As I was ordering CR2032 batteries for one of our remotes on Amazon this morning, this banner popped up for Oprah’s Favorite Things of 2016.

Image Source:

When her show was on the air, this would be my favorite episode every year.

As a little kid, I would watch it and think, “Ahhh! She only picks the best stuff! I will cherish and use everything!”

Then, as an older teen, I would think, “I wouldn’t use all that, but I could definitely regift most of it…”

And now that I’m getting closer to my 30s, I’m thinking, “Eh, I’m too lazy for the lotions, it’s too hot in Texas to ever need a parka or mittens, and nobody I know would want a poinsetta flower pot cake.”

Image Source: Gregor Halenda via

I still enjoy reading and browsing her list and there are a couple of cool things that I actually wouldn’t mind getting, but I decided to make a compilation of my own favorite things in 2016.

Just consider this a more practical, cost-effective, craft-focused and child-centric Favorite Things list of 2016.

Old Navy Flannel Boxer Shorts, $13 

Image Source: Old Navy

I went to the store this week to try on these shorts and they fit super well!

In my pre-marriage, pre-baby, skinny days, I used to wear some similar shorts but once I gained some weight, I had a hard time finding shorts that looked good and felt comfortable.

These shorts have a small 1-inch slit that takes chubby thighs into account and they’re a perfectly acceptable length to take out the trash in. Also, they don’t create that billowy crotch situation that often happens when elastic waistbands, drawstrings and a mom-pooch is combined. Yay!

They currently have a couple of really cute animal prints and I’ve decided that these are now part of my stay-at-home Mom uniform.

Their flannel pajama pants are also pretty awesome, but since I have short legs, I have to do a quick hem on them to make them perfect.

Athleta High Rise Chaturanga Capri, $64

Image Source: Athleta

I got these yoga pants as a replacement to the ones from Old Navy I’ve worn since 2011. They cost a little more than I would usually spend on pants, but they’re daily wear for me, and I’ll wear them until they become so worn that they become transparent.

I’ve had these for a couple of months and they are excellent — they hold their shape throughout the day, no fabric pilling at the thighs, they suck in the mom-pooch, they wash well and the color hasn’t faded or become at all dingy.

Trudi Sweet Collection Mice in Gray and White, $13

Image Source: Amazon

These are Belle’s favorite little buddies. We first saw them at Terra Toys in Austin and I had to get the little gray one, who we named Howard, for her because her reaction to him was so sweet. Once we got home, I regretted not getting the little white one and then went on an immediate search for extra baby mice. I found them in a 2-pack on Amazon and did not hesitate buying some backups.

These little guys are 3.5″ tall and are super sweet. They each have a tiny bulby nose that Belle likes to kiss, as well as chew. I usually throw Howard into my bag for emergencies when we go out and he usually squelches any complaint that she has almost immediately.

Emotional Marshmallow Baby Everything Blanket, $23

Image Source: Amazon

I’ve gushed about this blanket from Roxie’s House of Joy several times this year [here and here] because it is seriously a house favorite!

We finally got one for each of the kids, so Bean would stop stealing it from Belle once she fell asleep — they’re a perfect size and weight for a newborn and a good cuddle size for a bigger kiddo.

Candy Doll Club Polly Pocket Enamel Pins, £10

Image Source: CandyDollClub

I might have bought two sets of these adorable Polly Pocket pins, and I might have stayed up all night so I could make sure I snagged these girlies — I was scared I was going to miss my alarm to wake up for the 9:00am release in the UK.

For less than $13, you get all three pins! Share them with your BFFs or hoard them and admire these little nostalgic beauties.

They’re currently sold out, but they are totally worth the wait. Follow @jade_boylan on Instagram to get restock updates.

Garbage Humans Polly Pocket Clamshell Enamel Pin, $25

Image Source: @krystalalexis via Instagram

Look at this super cute picture that @krystalalexis took of these Polly Pocket Clamshell enamel pins and her awesome Polly Pocket collection!!

I’ve been waiting for weeks for @garbage_humans to restock these enamel pins for weeks! They come in pink and green and they’re both so super cute! Nobody steal these from me!

OLFA Splash 45mm Rotary Cutter, $13

Image Source: Simply Fresh Vintage

I got this OLFA rotary cutter a month ago and it cuts so well! I’ve used it to cut a lot of fabric and the blade is still sharp and cuts cleanly!

The OLFA Spash comes in purple and blue and is a great value! I need to remember to buy replacement blades to have on hand when the original blade gets dull.

Sumikko Gurashi Zippered Pouch, $22

Image Source: Amazon

You can never have too many zippered pouches, and I have my eye on this adorable Sumikko Gurashi Sushi pouch!

Anthropomorphized animals dressed as sushi?! Yes, that seems completely up my alley!

They also have these kawaii notebooks, washi tape, stamps, soft toys… everything. They have kawaii everything.

I’m also super in love with this pouch, and this one, and this one.

Darice Embroidery Hoops, $2

Image Source: Amazon

These hoops are my absolute favorite because they are so well made. I’ve bought a lot of embroidery hoops this year and the other brands have had super flimsy wood and super bendy metal brackets.

These Darice hoops are extremely sturdy and takes wood stain beautifully. Even the larger hoops are hefty and easy to work with. Also, they’re made in Taiwan and the little stamp in the metal brackets always makes me happy.

Copic Markers, $90

Image Source: Amazon

Why are these so expensive?! Ahhhh! I’ve been super obsessed with these markers since I started following @kirakiradoodles on Instagram but I cannot get myself to buy even one marker because I really don’t want to start this super expensive collection.

I have been considering this set of knock-off markers. Honestly, we all know that these markers aren’t going to make me an amazing artist, so I don’t know if these are worth it. But, these faux Copic markers are only $35.00 so they might totally be worth it.

Water Color Brush Pens, $10

Image Source: Amazon

These brushes are in the mail at this very moment. I tried to practice lettering with regular markers but I just can’t figure it out. I’m hoping that these brushes magically help me become a calligraphy genius. Doubtful, but a girl can dream.

Patterned Socks, $2

Image Source: Forever21

There’s nothing cheerier than patterned socks! I was wearing them way before J.D. started wearing his signature quirky socks to work.

I have a whole box of brand new socks that I dip into whenever I need a little mood boost. Every time I go to the mall, I make a quick detour to check if there are any new socks at Forever 21 that have to be part of my collection.

My rule is that I have to buy these socks in person and I neverlet myself order socks online because I’d end up buying $50 worth of socks just to get free shipping. So, I’m currently hunting down these cuties — burgers, foxes, rainbow unicorns, toast, pizza, giraffes, and happy soup.

If you want to spend a teensy, little more on sock therapy, get these Bob’s Burgers socks! They’re so cute that I haven’t had the heart to wear them yet…

BR31 Ice Cream Turkey Cake, $33

Image Source: Baskin Robbins

If you have to have a crazy cake for the holidays, make it this amazing turkey cake from Baskin Robbins!! Ahh! It’s so cute! It serves 12-16 people and it can be any flavor you want! Mmmm…

Disclaimer: This post contains some Amazon affiliate links. 

Featured Image Source: Tyler Feder


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