Visit Santa At Bass Pro Shops

Ahhh, it’s that time of year again when we schlep the kids to visit Santa for a Christmas picture and secretly wish for a hilariously bad photo that we can chuckle at when they are older… 

Our family tradition is to do at least two trips to see Santa — one in pajamas with the mall Santa for an “official” photo, and a second one whenever we get a chance to stop in at Bass Pro Shops. We do the same thing for Easter

Our mantra from the beginning has been, “Just take the picture, it’s ok if they’re not looking / crying / pretending to be a hot dog.” And that has really worked for us. 

This year, like all the years before, Bass Pro Shops is offering free photos with Santa. 

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We love it because there’s literally nothing at stake. Bean and Belle can have an off day or get nervous and we can always come back for a second chance. 

Since they’re usually pretty crowded, the wait can be a little unnerving for little kids, so you can plan ahead and pick up a ticket that will hold your place in line during a specific time slot. 

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While you’re waiting, the whole Santa area is set up to keep kids entertained. Bean likes the all-terrain remote control cars and the shooting gallery. They also offer different crafts every week. 

This year, they are offering a free wooden photo frame when you visit Monday through Thursday. 

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I think we are going to try and being the kids on a weekday morning to try and beat the crowds. 

Check out Santa’s schedule to make sure you guys get some face time in with the big guy! 

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Featured Image: Image credit to Bass Pro Shops


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