DIY Printable Advent Calendars

This year, it seems like I have enough time to put together a little DIY Advent calendar for the kids.

I did a quick search on Etsy and immediately found several that I absolutely love!!

For all these Advent calendars, you will need:

I had to get this set from Little Llama Shoppe immediately because I’ve been coveting this one since last Christmas.

It regularly only $5.00 but it’s currently 50% off for Cyber Monday!

These little penguins from PICA PICA Paper Crafts are so cute!

The set comes with the little penguins, who are all wearing different scarves, 26 fillable boxes that make up the igloo, and some pretty patterned trees to complete the scene!

Get this set from Calla Design and create a tiny mountain landscape, complete with reindeer and ski lifts!

The simple construction and festive designs makes this Advent calendar an easy and beautiful project that can even be completed quickly with tiny helpers!

Esther from Calla Designs also sent me a link to her site, Christmas Magazine, which has a FREE printable template for a Wishlist for Santa.

Ahh!! Check out these little Hobbit-esque holiday holes from Papier Bonbon!

I love the unique shape of the little cottages and their jewel tones are so sweet and winter-y.

Cécile from Papier Bonbon also has an awesome blog that features all sorts of holiday printables and projects. I also might have spotted a Harry Potter post that I’m going to have to bookmark.

And, you can franchise your own Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes shop with the help of this advent set created by My Sweet Paper Card.

Seriously, how cool is this?! There are 24 completely different boxes in this set and they are all magical! I’m definitely going to make several sets of these boxes to set up a mini store front that will be a permenant fixture in the house. So cute!

If you want to keep the hands-on crafting to a minimum, this Christmas countdown printable designed by Ashley Pahl is perfect!

Image Source: Ashley Pahl via Etsy

Print out this calendar, write in some special holiday activities with your favorite pen and get ready for some holiday fun! If you want to reuse the print every year, just frame it in an 8×10 frame and use a dry erase marker!

I love that all these Advent calendars are super inexpensive, I have all the materials I need on hand, and they are lovingly designed by amazing artists but at the same time, I get to fulfill my holiday crafting need!!

Would it be absolutely crazy to make all of these?! I sort of want to but I’m pretty scared that J.D. will revoke my Etsy privileges if he finds out…

Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links for the calendars and the materials that you might need to complete these adorable advent calendars. All the stuff I listed are things that I use in my craft room for all sorts of projects. 

Featured Image: Photo credit to Tina from Little Llama Shoppe

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