Advent Calendar Round Up

I started working on my DIY Printable Advent calendar yesterday, and as I was looking for the stuff I squirreled away for treats, I found a LEGO Advent calendar that I bought last month when it was on sale. Then I remembered that I wanted a Tsum Tsum Advent calendar because it’s so cute, but totally forgot to order one, which led me to an Amazon search…

Ahhhh!! There are so many cute Advent Calendars!! Look at them! Look at all of them!!

Tsum Tsum Advent Calendar, $30

Image Source:

I’m not completely sure if it’s a good idea or a bad idea to get this calendar because it might spur a complete Tsum Tsum obsession. So far, I’ve been able to avoid the cute mini plushies at the Disney Store but I’m pretty sure that once this set arrives, “Belle” will suddenly need all of the Tsum Tsums!

Thomas the Train Advent Calendar, $34

Image Source:

These mini trains are so cute! If they would’ve fit on the IKEA train track that Bean got for his first Christmas, these little guys would’ve been in my cart instantly.

Minions Mega Blocks Advent Calendar, $20

Image Source:

Bean saw this one while I was online shopping and got super excited about it. I had to talk him out of it because I don’t really want to start another building block collection since we are pretty much a LEGO family.

LEGO City Advent Calendar, $40

Image Source:

This set is going to be a fun addition to our LEGO collection. I was lucky to grab this when it was on sale and then I may have also bought a couple of extra sets to meet a purchase minimum to get an exclusive set… Don’t judge me.

Play Mobile Christmas Forest Advent Calendar, $29

Image Source:

We actually don’t have a ton of Play Mobile items but j just love all the animals in this set. I cannot get over the Trio of kittens and the tiny mouse! Awwwww!!! And they come with little saucers for milk!!

Fischer-Price Little People Advent Calendar, $78

Image Source:

I’m not completely sure why this set is so dang expensive but these little figures are perfect for tiny hands and Belle would really love chewing and playing with these. I think a better alternative for us might be purchasing a couple sets of cheaper non-holiday Little People sets, like the Disney Princesses or the Superheroes or some assorted animals, and individually wrap them for her. I think Walmart has the Fischer Price Little People Animal Pack for $30.

Cadbury Chocolate Advent Calendar, $7

Image Source:

I had to include a classic chocolate Advent calendar. I think I’m going to sneak this one into the house and the grown ups will have to fight for candy every day. Or, I guess we can get two because we are the adults and we get stuff too!

Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links. I can’t wait to see what we get in our Tsum Tsum and LEGO Advent Calendars


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