Cross Stitched Gift Tags

I’ve been working on some cross stitch projects for an event this weekend and at the same time, I’m slowly working on wrapping Christmas gifts as I buy them so I can try and avoid the Christmas Eve all-night wrapping session…

Since I’m working on stuff a little earlier this year, I can spend a little more time on the presentation.

For this project, I used:

First, I drew out the pattern I wanted on a piece of graph paper.

Then I trimmed the graph paper and taped it on a blank kraft tag with washi tape.

Using a sharp needle, I carefully poked holes into the kraft tag using my design as a guide.

Once the tag was all punched, I was ready to sew.

I used six strands of DMC embroidery thread and stitched up my pattern. I made sure I sewed slowly and was super careful not to bend the kraft tag.

At this point, you can decide to be done. But, I though the back of the tag looked a little rough.

I hate giving people anything with unfinished seams or threads showing, so I ran an extra kraft tag through my sticker machine and stuck it to the back of my cross stitched tag to hide all the ‘guts’ and make everything look finished.

That’s it!

It only took a couple of minutes to put this little tag together, and it was a nice little break between some more intricate projects I’m working on.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links for items used in this project. 

Featured Image Source: Kansas City Star


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