Stranger Things Christmas Lights

Last year for Christmas we struggled with putting lights up on the new house and after a whole day of struggling with lights that kept blowing their fuse, we ended up getting a bunch of Star Shower lights, stuck them in the ground and called it a day. 

Since the Star Shower was new last year, we were the only house in the neighborhood who had them. This year, almost every house that decorated has the same lights. 

So, we needed to find some thing different but still easy enough to do in a couple of hours and without the use of a ladder.

As we were browsing stores for outdoor decorations, I mentioned to J.D. that it would be hilarious if we did the Stranger Things lights and he totally agreed. 

    For this project, I used:

    • Multi-Colored C9 Christmas Lights
    • Duct Tape
    • Black Adhesive Vinyl
    • Craft Knife

    I used three boxes of lights and strung them up with some duct tape. 

    I made sure to tape near a bulb so that it would stop the stands of lights from slipping. It literally took 10 minutes to put the lights. 

    I searched for a font that mimicked Joyce’s painted alphabet and found a font called Zerocalcare Blockletter.

    Image Source: Zeta Fonts

    I used Word to create a document with all the letters and enlarged each one so that they were about 7″ tall. When printing, I made sure to only print the outline of each letter, to save on ink. 

    Once everything was printed, I laid each printed letter on the black adhesive vinyl and used a craft knife to “trace” each one. By being a little creative with letter placement, I was able to get all the letters cut out of one sheet of adhesive vinyl. 

    It took about an hour to find the right font and cut out all the letters but it was super worth it. 

    We decided to skip a light bulb between each letter to make everything look more balanced and then just slapped each vinyl letter onto the garage door. 

    I love our lights so much that I sort of want to leave it up until our Home Owners Association sends us a warning letter. Since we already had the lights, this little project cost less than $5 and took a little over an hour to complete. 

    I’m pretty sure most of our neighbors are pretty confused about our decorations but it makes us crack up every night when we get home from dinner and we see the bulbs flickering on. I feel a little bad for Bean because every time he sees the lights, he asks to watch more Stranger Things and we have to do the whole explanation about waiting for the next season. 

    Featured Image: Image credit to Netflix’s Stranger Things

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