Happy New Year!! 

Happy New Year, y’all!! 

I typically do the “lose weight” resolution every year and it usually fizzles out pretty quickly.  Since I’m one to keep with traditions, it would be awesome if this year I actually lost some weight and got back to my pre-Bean weight. It was pretty easy to get back to pre-Belle weight but that first baby excess is tough to lose. 

Honestly, I need to watch my liquid intake. I’m pretty sure that I’m holding on to  most of the weight because of the extra calories I consume is from sodas — but I need the caffeine. I gotta figure out how to get more rest and wake up energized so I can get stuff done this year. 

Because this year, I want to do a lot more…. 

I want to finally open my own little online shop and maybe sell a couple things — not for the money, but the the gratification of creating something that people like and values and want to have in their lives. 

Sew more. Build more. Make more. I want to do all the projects I’ve been too scared to screw up to even try. There are so many things I want to build to make the house more efficient. 

  • Create desk top for file cabinets in my mini closet office. 
  • Build cabinet for extra bricks the builders left us so I can reclaim that space in the garage without getting rid of the bricks that they said we might need one day. 
  • Sew more quilts — at least three from start to finish. I got two done this year but one was waiting to get done since 2013 and the other one was a cheater quilt that didn’t have to be pieced. I already have one in the planning stages and it has to get done in about a month. I should be able to do it but I’m going to be working a lot of late nights. 
  • Make Bean and Belle some new travel pillow cases with French seams. 

Declutter. Organize. Create space. When we moved we had to hurry and cram everything into the house before Belle made her appearance. And since then, I haven’t found the time to go through our stuff and figure out what needs to be kept and what is taking up precious space. I’m focusing my efforts on the garage this year because that’s where most of the stuff gets tucked away when it starts cluttering up the main areas of the house. 

Be conscious of the growing babes. Be patient. Be a better mommy. Focus on them because everything else is secondary and they’re only tiny for a brief moment in time. 

Featured Image: Image credit to FunCheapSF


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