New Year, New Lists | Free Printables

I’m a list maker and I am overwhelmed. The end of the holidays does that to me — taking down decorations, putting the house back together, finding space to put new toys, and then the task of jumping into the new year really stresses me out.

I usually make long tedious lists that stresses me out even more. But this year, I’m going to try making quick lists of things that pile up but really only take about 10 minutes to finish.

To help encourage myself to be more productive throughout the day, I found these printable to do lists that are super cute and free!

Image Source: Team Confetti

I love the daily planning page from Team Confetti. It’s well planned and has spaces for everything you could want! This is going to be a page that I gently ease myself into once I get in the habit of getting stuff done. I love that it can act as a journal as well as a to do list.

Image Source: Botanical PaperWorks

This printable from Botabical PaperWorks will probably work out better for my current situation — little goals for everyday of the week.

Image Source: Asaline

This streamlined to do list designed by Asaline will work perfectly for those projects that have no deadline. I’m also going to use it as a shopping list because Bean is pretty tired of me forgetting the one item he needed at the grocery store — chocolate milk.


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