Crêpe Paper Tassel Garland

This weekend I’m hosting a bridal shower and for J.D.’s cousin and decided to make a tassel garland as the base of the banner I’m putting together.

All the tutorials suggested using tissue paper  but I didn’t like that the tassels came out a little stiff and rough looking, and I really had to struggle not to tear them.

As I was going through the boxes of party supplies I have on hand, I found some crêpe paper streamers and decided to try making some tassels out of the colors I had on hand and they turned out much nicer and took a fraction of the time because I didn’t have to fiddle with the crêpe paper to make everything lay right.

It was also super awesome that I was able to set up a little assembly line which made the whole project super efficient.

For this project, I used:

After deciding that the final length of each tassel would be about 12″ long, I doubled that and cut a bunch of 24″ streamers.

For each of my tassels, I stacked 4 streamers and folded them in half, lengthwise.

Using a rotary cutter and ruler, I made four strips by cutting from the loose end towards the fold, leaving about 2″ uncut.

Then, I unfolded the stack of streamers and tightly twisted the uncut middle section section.

Once everything was tightly twisted, I folded the streamers in half and made a loop, using a pencil as a guide to keep the loops nice and even.

I secured the twisted loop with a little bit of tape and then I covered the ugly tape by gluing and wrapping an extra piece of crêpe paper around the twisted section.

Once I assembled all the tassels, I strung them together on some twine and they’re officially ready to be hung up!

It took about 2 hours to make 24 tassels for a garland that will be approximately 6 feet long. It might’ve taken a little bit of time, but these tassels are an easy project and are going to start being a staple at the kids’ parties!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links but really they’re just for reference. You’ll probably find all the items cheaper at a craft store. 


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